1.0 Introduction

Culture is a series of shared meanings, beliefs and values that make people united as a common whole. Cultural diversity is a common and permanent feature in human history (Aoyama, 2007). Although cultural exchanges have existed since ancient times, cultural diversity maintains during the process of communication with each other. Globalization is a process of sharing different ideas and cultures around the world, during the process of exchanges, something in common is integrated and those which are different have been kept, the diversity maintained in the globalization process can be found in music, media, fashion and other aspects. Diversity expands people’s horizons, bringing them knowledge and inspiration to influence people’s ways of lives (Aoyama, 2007).
Diversity has great significance for people’s lives today, then, how diversify generates is an issue which is worth of studying. Diversity plays an important role in the globalization process, then, whether people’s exchange of ideas and cultures leading to diversity? How and why diversity happens and influences people lives. These issues need to be explored further. This essay is from three aspects: artwork, clothing and jewelry to discuss how diversity emerges, as well as how diversity affects people’s lives.

2.0 Body

2.1 Artwork
Artists share their ideas of different styles of works in exhibition, which leads to more diversity. There are a large number of artworks and sources of inspiration around the world. People are based on what they see and what they understand to create new ideas and new styles of works, which brings people new experience and makes people prefer new styles more. However, there are some people who still like old styles. New styles can not replace old styles, because each old style has their own history. An old style of each period is linked with people’s life and each style is impacted by experience from artists (Aoyama, 2007). Therefore, old styles will never disappear because of diversity. When an artist creates new artwork, it is most probably based on other artists’ works, mixing artwork of different features together to create a new product, that is the process in which diversity appears.

2.2 Clothing
Clothing becomes more diverse today. As people come form different areas and they are influenced by their different experiences, which bring them different ideas in creating new products. However, “fashion is a circle, currently we get into references of many trends of the past years” (Borges, 2015), old fashions always impact people’s lives now and then. For example, plaid clothing of British style was once very popular in the world in the 1980s, after about 20 years of silence, it has been paid enough attention by the fashion circle once again, but this time the plaid clothing was very different form those 20 years ago, many elements of punk, bohemian elements are added and bring people a refreshing feeling That is also the representativeness of emergence of diversity.

2.3 Jewelry
In the process of globalization, under the background of more frequent cultural exchanges, contemporary jewelry shows a variety of features in terms of material, design, shape or technology aspects (Wongpreedee, Kiratisin and Virutamasen, 2015). In the past, the main types of jewelry are gold, silver, precious stones. In the context of globalization, the exchange of cultures of different countries allows many materials, such as China’s enamel, Baltic beeswax, amber and shell produced in Africa, which are not very expensive but have local characteristics to be applied to the jewelry production. These new materials have unique cultural characteristics and aesthetic characteristics, they are used to make jewelry bring people a new visual experience, in addition, the impact and exchange of different cultures bring jewelry designers new creative inspiration (Wongpreedee, Kiratisin and Virutamasen, 2015). Traditionally, jewelry only acts as a decoration, and contemporary jewelry has become an expression vector of self-personality and ideas. Cubism, abstract, deconstruction and other cultural and artistic ideas are incorporated into jewelry designs, and Chinese pottery and wood craftsmanship, Japanese lacquer, German gold forging technology, as well as other technologies around the world have also been widely applied to jewelry production, the diversity of contemporary jewelry in design, style and workmanship meets people’s needs for expressing individuality and ideas by accessories.

3.0 Conclusion
The process of globalization promotes communication between people around the world, making the trend of diversity more obvious. There is no absolutely good or bad idea or culture, but unique ideas and cultures to enrich people’s selection. Meanwhile, exchange of different ideas and cultures will bring people inspiration to create new products. We should learn to respect and enjoy other ideas and cultures, finding their strengths and making use of their strengths to design more and better products.