Assignment代写|Services Marketing

    本文是一篇关于服务营销研究的Assignment代写范文,有最近正在为Marketing Assignment写作发愁的同学们可以学习一下哦。
This is a reflective learning log of mine of my study on the Services Marketing of this semester. The reflective diary recorded what I have learned after the class, as well as my ideas and thoughts on the theories and knowledge of this lecture. It is critical as I recorded my personal thoughts in this reflection diary, which can find out my shortcomings for the understanding of the research issue and improve my learning ability of the service marketing.

Task 1: Services Marketing Joe & Co. Hairdressing
The lecture on the service encounter is hold in this week. Its definitions, the negative encounter and positive encounter are discussed as the hairdressing for example. The proposing of the concept of service encounter is based on the emphasis of the person-to-person encounter in the service industry. The service encounter is the direct source of the perception of customer service. The quality of service depends largely on customer perception, while the customer perception is based on service encounter ability. Therefore, the service encounter can be divided into the negative encounter and positive encounter. I think the service provider should put emphasis on the positive encounter on the customers during the interaction with the customers.

Task 2: Services Marketing Kennedy’s Gallery
In this class, the case of Kennedy’s Gallery is taken to illustrate these marketing elements. Through the case of Kennedy’s Gallery, it can be concluded that the participation of the employees plays an important role in the entire marketing activities. Enterprises should pay attention to the whole process of providing service to users. Through the interactive communication, the enterprises can understand the feelings of the customers, enabling customers to become participants in the process of marketing services, so as to improve their services in a timely manner to meet customer expectations. 7P’s puts more emphasis on the service than the traditional 4P’s. The participation of the employees and the cooperation of different departments are very important in this theory.

Task 3: Services Marketing NSPCC
Through the learning of this class, I know the non-profit organization. The non-profit organizations have the characteristics of services. Marketing of nonprofit organizations has many similarities with it of profit organizations. However, because the non-profit organization not only seeks the interests of their organization, more importantly, it also seeks interests of target group, for the benefit of society as a whole. Non-profit organizations usually combine the product, place, price, promotion, people, process and physical evidence marketing tools together to develop marketing mix strategies, in order to achieve the organization’s marketing and management goals. In my view, non-profit organizations should carefully analyze their own characteristics; play their advantage of high credibility authority through publicity and public service ads to establish their own image, and achieve the marketing goals.

Task 4: Services Marketing 
This lecture discussed on the factory metaphor of the services organization. The metaphor helps us better understand on a relatively nonobjective process. The service marketing operations are like the procedures of the factories, when customers can get the service as the products as they enter the factories. In this model, the participation of the customers, the customer encounter, and service efficiency are very important. In this metaphor, the service organization faces the same issue. The positive or negative customer encounter affects the customers’ perception. To sum up, the service organization emphasizes the interaction of the customers, and the metaphor of factory helps the focus of the customer experience during providing the service.

Task 5: Services Marketing the Story
Singapore Airlines is studied in this class, which provides the air service for its customers. It has its special services different from its competitors. It also has some drawbacks of its service. The company provides this air service to get profits. During the process of providing services, the customers can get an impression whether their paid is worthy. Based on the customer perception, the customers make decisions on the next purchasing. The case of Singapore Airlines tells me the service plays larger portion in the minds of customers, the quality of the service is increasingly the key to win the customers and market.

Task 6: TNT
The task of this week is the study of TNT. I have learned the challenges TNT faced, measures of evaluating the customer satisfaction, relationship marketing and the competitive advantage of TNT in the future. The case of TNT tells me that the feedback from the customers is very important when conducting the business operation. In order to achieve the good market performance, the enterprise should pare no efforts to improve the customer satisfaction. The relationship marketing is also a way for the enterprises of the marketing through the building of the long-term relationship with their customers. TNT also contributes to the relationship marketing. Through this study, I have recognized that the importance of the relationship marketing as to improve the customer satisfaction and achieve good market performance.

In conclusion, this reflective diary only recorded part of what I have learned of this lesson, in fact, I got not only the useful and interesting knowledge, but also the service marketing skills. For my future learning, the methods and theories of this lecture may be used. In addition, the service marketing exists not only in the business, but only in people’s life. The service marketing awareness is also very important.