response paper写作指导

response paper是什么意思?一般来讲,主要是:回应文章;回应报告;篇课后报告。是留学生作业的一种。
1、第一段对故事或文章简要概述The first paragraph in a reader's response paper is a short summary of the story.

State the name of the story, the author, and the lesson being taught, in the topic sentence. For example, the topic sentence in a reader's response paper for "Ruby the Copycat" would read -- "Ruby the Copycat," by Peggy Rathman, teaches an important lesson about individuality." Also, in the first paragraph, introduce the other elements of the story -- characters, setting, conflict and resolution. Give enough information so the reader obtains a sense of the story and is enticed to read on.
2 现实生活中类似的冲突或问题

Explain the conflict, or problem, in the story. Use direct quotes and examples from the text to explain the conflict. Make a connection to the problem in the story by describing an anecdote from your life or by connecting the problem to another story, movie, or real life event. For instance, you might feel the same way the character feels because you have been in the same situation. Explain what happened to you to make the reader more interested.

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3 说出这个故事想要表达的主题State the theme, the life lesson that the story explains, in the first sentence of the third paragraph. Use evidence from the story to explain the theme. Explain how the characters are used to show the theme by using direct quotes from the story and examples of their actions that support the theme.

4 我们得到的启示

State the resolution to the story explaining how the problem was resolved and what the characters learned. Make a statement about the theme and how it relates to your life. For example, "Like the lessons learned by the character, I . . ." Write an anecdote about how you have learned that same lesson during a time in your life by making a personal connection to the story